A trademark dedicated to people wishing to share their interest for beautiful things, created with care for details and realized with passion.

Opera Fashion was born thanks to the brilliant intuition of the brothers Flavio and Valerio in the fabulous 80's, when everything seemed to be possible, when dreams were within reach and ready to be realized.

During that positive period the "ready-to-wear clothing" had established itself in Rome and this was a version of the modern fashion based on a very fast production and distribution system able to update styles and colours in real time according to the demand in order to guarantee flexible answers to market fluctuations.

Between the 80's and the 90's the speed categorical imperative doesn't meet the company's requirements any longer and so the concern gradually decides to direct its efforts towards refined items of clothing, quality fabrics and original accessories, but always keeping prices within everybody's means.

Relying on this choice, the transformation occurs immediately, the trademark evolves and is taken away from the ready-to-wear sector to be distributed and appreciated through collections.

The end of the 90's and the beginning of the years two thousand are characterized by that inexorable process that, by means of important agency offices, turns Opera Fashion from successful company at regional level into a well-known appreciated brand throughout Italy.

And now the recent history commits a solid company to the fashion world, a concern with a marked stylistic personality that is also extremely dynamic and characterized by a grass-root presence all over the national and international territory.
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